Privacy & Cookie Policy

Privacy & Cookie Policy

Thank you for visiting International Alliance for Education Accreditation (IAEA) website for information searching and/or specialist’s registration. This open and clear policy explains the what, how and why information may be collected when the time you are visiting our website. It is also used to explain any specific purpose for us to use the information collected. We want to make it clear that your personal (privacy) information will be handled in an extremely serious way, and we will never sell your data for the other commercials.


The privacy policy applies to this website as well as the other related mobile applications owned or facilitated by IAEA. More precisely, while providing our core/add-on services, we may collect your information at any hyperlink, web pages, interactive features, social networks, or other online, mobile applications. By using our website/mobile application services, you agree to the use of the data that we collect in accordance with the above privacy policy.




We may change the above privacy policy at any time and it may override the above policy version. We may or may not able to inform our service users with the change. We highly recommend our website/ mobile application users to review the privacy policy on a regular time basis to ensure any change may affect you/your registration/your information searching/online courses application.


Why do we collect your personal data


We collect your personal information primarily for our internal use for specific analytical tasks. We try to upgrade to perform better by having necessary information from the users. We collect your information for:

  • Sales and marketing activities in online registration and courses application;
  • CPD applicants’ information sharing to the CPD content providers;
  • Understand any meaningful correlation between users and website content;
  • Account activity, such as email and other types of communication channels;
  • Financial activity, such as billing for registration, insurance.

Third-Party Websites and Data Sharing


External information sharing for CPD. Our website/mobile application will include other third party information such as CPD contents. Your have to be fully aware of those personal information collected may share with an appropriate CPD content providers. Their privacy policy may not be the same as IAEA. You should understand that we take no control over the other third party websites/business partners operations. Therefore, it is not possible to take any responsibilities for protection and privacy of any information, after we transferred your information (e.g. CPD information) to the other external websites. Your personal information will be governed by their privacy policies when you apply some CPD courses on our websites.




Cookies are small and essential communication files between your computer and our server. They are used to improve the communication for efficient as well as user experience. This information should be important for our server stores the users’ preference.


You can accept or reject our cookies by changing the setting of the web browser software. However, they have set to accept cookies automatically. It is much user-friendly and more relevant to you when accepting our cookies.