IAEA Accredited Institutions / Associations

IAEA Accredited Institutions / Associations


What is IAEA Specialized Skills Accreditation?

IAEA Accreditation is a process of validation in which our industry associations and CPD institutions of professional training courses/programmes could be properly evaluated. The standards of courses/programmes undergoing the accreditation are reviewed and discussed by the IAEA advisory board of members who are honorary academic advisors from various education sectors and professional skills specialists from industries.


In order to ensure an efficient and effective accreditation process, the institutions or associations have to join as our alliance members in advance. Furthermore, the courses/programmes will be evaluated based on the following criteria (in general):

- Objectives, goals, and outcome;

- Entry requirements for admissions;

- Contact hours and service support to students;

- Quality of training;

- Reputation of teachers/trainers


At last, all courses/programmes must commit to periodic external reviews by our IAEA education committee members to ensure that accreditation standards are continually being met.


Do your institution / associations need be taking the process of accreditation?

Basically, if you want the graduates of the courses/programmes or association members to be registered in the IAEA registration system, your institution or association needs to get our accreditation. It is a very straightforward way to present to your students or members that the skills are being recognized and verified. The quality of the graduates or members will be guaranteed.


Why you have to study in the IAEA accredited institutions or become the member of the accredited association?

You can register your professionalism! It is a milestone of your skills being guaranteed. In addition, the study credit hours will be recognized and recorded in a unified database. The total studying hours will be recorded as the Continuing Development Programme (CDP). Reversely, if you study in an unaccredited institution or become the member of an unaccredited association, your future career may be affected.


IAEA Accredited Institutions/ Associations

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